Terms and Conditions


You must read and agree to this contract of terms and conditions before your booking is completed. Please read your Vacation Rental Agreement in full. It is the responsibility of all guests to be familiar with all policies pertaining to the rental.

In lieu of a security deposit, we REQUIRE a credit card on file for any damages that may occur during your stay. You may purchase CSA Damage Insurance to waive this requirement.

Card Number: ______________________________________________________

Name on the card:___________________________________________________

Expiration Date:_______________      CVV:_________              
Billing Address:  _____________________________________________________

Billing City:_____________________________ State: _______Zip: ____________




Signature:____________________________________      Date:______________________________

CHECK IN INSTRUCTIONS In most cases our vacation homes have lock boxes and you will received the code in a check-in email 2 days prior to your check-in date. If not code is given you will check in at the Cope Property Management office located at 210 N Pine St, Seneca SC 29678. We are open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. If you will be arriving later than our normal office hours, please call the office for late check in instructions. Your reservation must be paid in full before access to the home is given.

CHECK-IN Check-in is after 4:00 pm. We will make every effort to have your unit ready for check in at 4:00 pm. However, during peak seasons there may be slight delays. We appreciate your patience.

CHECK-OUT Check-out is at 10:00am. Guest(s) not departing by 11am will be subject to additional charges. The charge is $50.00 per 1/2 hour until 1pm. After 1pm a full day’s rate will be charged. Late check-outs, should be prearranged with permission from the office. All keys must be returned to the office by check out time. In the event keys are lost and the property must be re-keyed, the Guest(s) will be responsible for the cost.


  • Keys MUST be returned.
  • PLEASE NOTE: ALL TRASH IS TO BE BAGGED. All trash from inside the property and surrounding outside areas must be placed in trash bags and placed in the outside trash cans provided. Please do not throw any cigarette butts out onto the yard or deck Un-bagged trash requiring additional handling will be billed against your credit card ($25.00).
  • Please place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the cycle before departing.
  • Check to insure all lights and small appliances are turned off.
  • Leave thermostat on 80 degrees during summer and 55 degrees during winter.
  • Check for your items – Cope Property Management is not responsible for personal items left in or on the property.
  • Please ensure all doors and windows are locked before departing.
  • Ensure that the grill and grilling utensil are clean and that the grill is covered.



RESERVATION REQUIREMENTS A two-night minimum is required on all reservations excluding major holidays and festivals which may require 3 nights or more. Your reservation will be confirmed upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and receipt of the down payment. Renter must be at least 28 years of age or older who will be present during the entire stay. Rental guest understands and agrees that we will accept families, married couples, and responsible adults. We reserve the right to refuse rent to anyone who has rented from us in the past and caused problems.

PAYMENT To confirm your reservation we must receive the initial payment of 25% of the booking total either by check or online credit card or ACH payment. The remaining balance will be due a minimum of 30 days prior to check-in.

ACCOMMODATIONS All of the vacation rentals are individually owned with Cope Property Management having no ownership interest. Each property reflects the taste of each owner. We cannot be held responsible for any changes made by the owners in furnishings or amenities supplied.

NON-SMOKING POLICY We have a very strict Non-Smoking Policy. Absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed inside any of our properties. You may smoke outside with doors and windows shut. Evidence of smoking in the rental will result in additional cleaning fees and excess damage costs. Any signs of smoking such as cigarette butts, odor, ashes, burns etc. will result in a minimum $500 damage charge.

CANCELATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY In the unfortunate event that it is necessary for you to cancel your reservation please notify us IN WRITING. Cancelations or requests to modify a reservation must be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 866-230-4085. You will receive a verification email showing requested changes or Cancelation. Cancelation Policy is as follows: If you cancel

  • > 45 days - 100% refund minus the reservation fee and CSA Travel Insurance*.
  • 15 – 45 days - 75% refund minus the reservation fee and CSA Travel Insurance*.  
  • 7-14 - 50% refund minus the reservation fee and CSA Travel Insurance*.
  • 6 days or less – 25% refund minus the reservation fee and CSA Travel Insurance*
  • If you do not contact Cope Property Management to cancel your reservation, it will be considered a "NO SHOW". There is NO refund for no-shows.


*If you have purchased CSA Travel Insurance, you will need to contact them directly to inquire about a refund. We do not know their cancellation policy. Damage insurance is refundable.


**We offer optional Travel insurance to ensure a refund in the event you must cancel.


REFUND POLICY All requested refunds will be reviewed by the management. Refunds which are awarded will be prorated to comply with individual's situation and will be issued by the accounting department of Cope Property Management within a time period of 4 weeks. No cash refunds are given.  Reservation fees are non-refundable in all situations.

  1. PLAYERS - OTHER ELECTRONICS Please evaluate your rental within one hour of check in for missing remotes. Our cleaners place remotes next to the component that it controls. Please do not move or relocate any electronic component. If a component is relocated and not left in its original location and hooked up as you found it you will be charged the cost to send someone out to move it and hook it up. Please leave the remote set on its original input. If you watch a movie and change the input, please set back to the way you found the control. TVs are normally set on channel 3 or 4 to watch Direct TV or Dish Network satellite TV.

    SATELLITE/CABLE TV/ INTERNET SERVICES All properties are privately owned and have different subscription packages for cable and/or satellite/internet services. Cope Property Management does not guarantee any programming or give any refunds due to television program reception or internet service interruptions at our properties. Please do not disconnect any TV or component cables.


RIGHT OF ENTRY Guest(s) agrees that a Cope Property Management authorized employee or authorized repairman may enter the premises for any purpose connected with the repair, care or maintenance of the premises, in the event of an emergency or to investigate disturbances.



  • Rental guest(s) understands and agrees that we will accept families, married couples, and responsible adults. Guest(s) also agree that the premises shall not be occupied by more than the number of people stated on the reservation. If the unit is occupied by more than the number of people stated, it may result in termination of this agreement, loss of total accommodation charges, and/or additional charge to credit card. You may be asked to vacate the property.
  • Occupants in use of premises shall not disturb or offend neighbors in any manner, to include but not limited to, loud music or voices, disruptive behavior or destruction of property. Many of these homes are located in residential communities. The use of firearms or fireworks are strictly prohibited. Quiet time is from 10:00 pm till 9:00 am. VIOLATION MAY RESULT IN YOU BEING ASKED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES UNDER THE DIRECTION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.

  1. INFORMATION All information pertaining to individual listings is believed to be accurate but cannot be guaranteed. Amenities are subject to change.

    ISSUES BEYOND OUR CONTROL No refunds will be given for issues beyond our control, such as inclement weather, city water main breakages, power outages, rough roads, cable/satellite/internet reception, or acts of nature. We suggest you bring a flashlight, in case of the unlikely event of a power outage. All of our homes are routinely treated by Pest Control. This can cause dead bugs to be found in the home. Rest assured your home has been properly treated.

    APPLIANCE OR MECHANICAL FAILURE In the event of appliance or mechanical failure of any type at the unit, Cope Property Management will make every attempt to repair the problem timely or move the guest(s) to a different unit if possible. You will be given an emergency number to be used after office hours for emergencies only such as: no heat, smell gas, no water, etc. Other equipment failures such as problems with gas fireplace, TV, etc., leave a message on our office voice mail. Repairs will be made as quickly as possible. However, the property owner and Rental Company will not give refunds in the event of a mechanical failure, absence of any item or for any public utility problem.

    PUBLISHED RATES INFO All published rates are nightly rates with the exception of the weekly rate which is for 7 consecutive nights. The "extra night" rate means the 8th night. RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. There are special event rates that apply, Clemson home football games and Holidays.

    DOUBLE BOOKINGS Double bookings are rare.
  • In the event that Guest(s) reservations for a rental property overlap or matches the reservation of another guest, Agent reserves the right to relocate Guest(s) to a different rental property within Agent's rental program or that of another company. Every effort will be made to ensure that the replacement property is reasonably comparable to the original property booked.
  • Agent(s) shall have the sole right to select such replacement rental property.
  • Agent(s) agrees to pay any additional charges due in excess of the rental amount for the rental property, and refund any amounts paid by Guest(s) in excess of the replacement property rental amount.
  • Guest(s) will have the option to accept the replacement property or reject the replacement property and receive a refund of all rents and fees paid for the rental property.
  • Guest(s) agree that the Guest(s) choice between these alternatives will be Guest(s) sole remedy for any and all damages, liability, or inconvenience arising out of the double booking.



  • Guest(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cope Property Management its owners, employees, and contractors for any liabilities, theft damage, cost or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with Guest(s) use and occupancy of the rental property including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or theft of property which is made, incurred, or sustained by Guest(s).
  • A material breach of this Agreement by Guest(s), which, in the sole determination of the Agent, results in damage to the Premises, personal injury to Guest(s) or others, a breach of the peace, a nuisance to others, or a violation of criminal law or local code, shall be grounds for termination of Guest(s). Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in IMMEDIATE EVICTION and forfeiture of rent and/or security deposit.

PROPERTY BECOMES UNAVAILABLE In the event that the owner of his privately-owned dwelling elects to remove his property from the management responsibility of Cope Property Management or property becomes unavailable, including but not limited to, sale or damage; Cope Property Management shall not be held liable by guest(s). However, Cope Property Management will make every effort to move the guest(s) reservation to a comparable property for that same time period if at all possible. A move of this nature may result in an increase or decrease in the rent charges depending on the property that is mutually agreed upon between Cope Property Management and the guest(s). If no agreement can be reached the guest will be provided with a refund.

LINENS AND SUPPLIES Cope Property Management provides all guests with a starter set of linens and a startup of a few other items: 1 roll of paper towels, dish detergent, trash bag for each trash container, small bars of soap and toilet tissue. If you believe you will need more than what is provided, we suggest you bring extra items or plan on purchasing them in town. The home is cleaned before you arrive and after you leave.

FIREPLACES are seasonal and may be used late September till March 31st upon owner’s directive and authorization.

NO TENTS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY we’re sorry, but tents or any type of camping equipment is not allowed on the property. Do not trespass on the neighbor's property. This is very important and just good manners.

LOST AND FOUND Homeowner and Cope Property Management is not responsible for articles left on premises. If you leave an item behind, we will be happy to return it to you if you provide a USPS self-addressed stamped envelope, or you may send UPS with a box and shipping label to pick up the item.

DAMAGES We do not require a prepaid security deposit, however if unintentional or intentional damages occurs during guest(s) stay your Visa or Mastercard will be charged for damages as outlined in this agreement.


**We offer optional Travel Damage Insurance which covers up to $3000 in damages. Otherwise you will need to provide us with a credit card in the event of damages.

CLEANING FEES A cleaning fee is charged for each reservation. This fee varies depending on the property you select.

Additional bath tissue, paper towels, trash bags, laundry detergent, bath soap, dishwashing detergent, folding/dock chairs, beach towels/additional bath towels.



  • Smoking - Any sign of SMOKING inside the property $500
  • Pets - Visible signs of a pet of ANY type. $250
  • Lost Keys - All keys must be returned upon departure $15
  • Dishes - Please place all dishes in the dishwasher and turn on cycle. All dishes must be clean upon departure (dishes can be left clean in dishwasher) $15
  • Stains, Floors and Linen - Any sign of recent stains, scratches, dents, etc on floors. Any non-removable stains to sheets, towels, hand towels, washcloths, etc. (Mascara, Make-up, etc.) Cost of replacement/ repair
  • Blankets and Pillows - All blankets, pillows, and towels are inventoried prior to arrival. Any missing items upon your departure will be charges to you. Cost of replacement/repair
  • Propane Tank - Missing propane tank $50
  • Trash - All trash must be bagged and placed in the provided containers. Extra trash that does not fit in the containers maybe brought to our office upon departure. $25
  • Dirty Grill - Grill and grill utensils should be clean and the grill covered. - $20

It is rare that we charge guests for the items above, but in the event we do, we make every effort to minimize that cost.